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Creating ads requires creativity, an open mind, and enviable analytical skills. Writing text for ads is a complex process consisting of brainstorming, text design, testing, and proofreading. For your ads to be thriving, one of the requirements is to have an engaging visual that will draw the attention of a fully targeted audience.

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The number of Facebook users is constantly growing, now it is more than 2.5 billion. This fact is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations that easily, relatively economically, and quickly find new customers by investing in Facebook advertising.

Google Ads is one of the most effective advertising platforms today. Most customers who use them naturally grow with their ads and increase their budget year after year. So which one to choose, Facebook or Google Ads?

 Facebook Ads

Person holding black and white smartphone

To help you navigate the world of digital access to potential customers, it is necessary to know the types of Facebook ads.

Facebook ads for “Like” tags and addition on the Facebook page

This type of ad enables rapid growth in the number of “Like” tags on the Facebook page, and an increase in the involvement of followers, while also increasing the reach, as the number of followers who saw your post.

 “Like” for Facebook Page

If you choose this type of ad, it is very important to create a cover photo in precise dimensions. The optimal size for a computer screen is 820 x 312 pixels, while on mobile devices, it is 640 x 360 pixels. The photo must be engaging and encouraging to interact. Just one click on “Like” is sufficient, and a unique user will follow your posts.

“Like” tags on a published photo

This is one of the better ways to include current as well as future followers in your posts. By choosing the right photo, attractive ad text, but also with a link, you can significantly increase your post shares and likes.

Video presentation

Facebook ads

Facebook has increased the reach of video posts by encouraging users to use their video platforms instead of competing ones, such as Youtube or Vimeo. The extent of posts is slightly greater, you still need to pay for a Facebook ad if you want to increase it. Create a simple video ad or hire an agency to make a professional video for you. Such professionally created video content will certainly present your service or product more successfully.

Facebook ads for website traffic and potential customers

This type of Facebook advertising will allow you more web visits, which can result in more queries for your services or products.

Ads with a link included

If you want to increase the number of visits to your website, creating a free Facebook ad with a  link included this is one of the best ways to do it. It will lead you to your sales page, which will immediately enhance the probability of selling services or products. In addition to this advantage, use this kind of ad to promote business news or website articles.

With such an approach, you will increase awareness of your brand and leave the impression of expertise in performing a particular activity. The ad has the ability for your potential new followers to follow your Facebook page. As Facebook increasingly turns to video, you can include a short video in your ad instead of a photo. Don’t forget to include a call to action. You can do this by adding the ability for followers to click “Learn More” or “Sign Up.”

Facebook ads for products or services

Recommended ads for products or services are ads with the ability to display multiple products, remarketing ads, ads to gather potential customers, Canvas.

Multi-product ads

This way, you can advertise up to ten products or services. This type of ad can increase sales to web stores or web directories. You have the option of adding a brief description of the product or service.

You can also divide one panorama photo into several smaller ones, so the panorama will be displayed in more photos. The size of the photo is 1080 x 1080 pixels. With the help of well-written text for Facebook advertising, you can achieve a lot.

Remarketing ads

Facebook ads remarketing

Remarketing ads could significantly increase your sales. To get started with promotion, you need to attach a Facebook pixel to your page and upload products or services to Facebook. Remarketing allows your ads to be displayed to all Facebook users who have visited your website. Web stores often use this type of ad to remind users of products left in the cart.

Facebook pixel is very easy to install if you have WordPress. The Pixel Caffeine by Adpresso plugin will allow you to install very easily and then track conversions. There are also ads for installing applications, collectingemaill addresses, event promotion, and we can place a location, message, or call extension on almost all ads.

Creating Facebook Ads

You can choose two ways to create ads. The most straightforward way is to promote the current advertisement with the leadership of a “Boost post.” The ad was created in a really short time, but the demographic targeting is much weaker than when we do it from facebook.com/adsmanager. It is recommended to promote posts this way. More precise targeting of your audience will give you a lower cost-per-click and a higher CTR.

After loading the Facebook business page, click “Create ad” in the blue box. Facebook will then take you to the page where you choose the ultimate goal. Depending on the target you prefer, your template will look different. The audience targeting section always stays the same but changes, for example, the part where you want to promote your store or get new leads. In this case, choose a goal to increase traffic and an ad name. Name it after something that will help you remember what your ad is for, especially if you plan to create more than one.

Facebook allows accurate targeting, so it’s possible to determine the areas where your ads will appear, the age range of your followers, your gender, and Facebook’s browsing languages.
Precise audience targeting allows your Facebook ad to be displayed to people who are interested in products or services. Thus, demographic targeting, interest targeting, or behavioral targeting is possible.

Creating Facebok ads

Ad position

Although Facebook recommends automatic ad positions, if you have any experience, manual placement might be a better option. The first choice is according to the type of device you are using. After that, it is possible to choose advertising platforms.

Facebook ads can be displayed in news, newsfeed, as instant articles, instant articles, in video content, in the column to the right of the news, right column. With Facebook advertising, it is very relevant to test the ad positions, Observe which position has the best outcomes, and then invest the funds in the ad that showed the most desirable result.


The budget can be daily or for the entire duration of the ad. If you choose a budget for the entire duration of your ad, you’ll be able to choose what time you want your ad to run. You can choose ad delivery optimization based on link clicks, landing page visits, impressions, or several impressions and unique daily reach.

Google Ads

Examples of ads on Google

Depending on your campaign intentions or what you want to accomplish with it based on your report and guidelines, you can pick from a mixture of Google ads.


Search ads

Ads that rent keywords or phrases related to a website’s offer and that trigger your ad to appear on Google. When users Google the words or phrases you have leased, text ads will appear on the search engine describing the offer that the potential buyer is currently looking for.

Display ads

Google Ads promotional extensions

They are also focusing on the image or text that is placed according to a certain way of targeting potential customers when they are on the website. Different targeting methods can be combined. According to user interests, ads are displayed to users based on their online behavior. By topic, ads will be targeted to users reading a particular topic. By keywords, ads appear on portals that contain selected keywords, such as vacations. According to the portals, the ads will be displayed to users who read the most read portals and/or selected portals related to the brand’s offer.

Gmail Ads

Ads that only appear to users of Gmail inboxes. They are cleverly designed to look like an email that can be expanded with one click and viewed, saved, forwarded, or taken to a website being advertised.

Youtube ads

Video ads appear on the second largest search engine in the world, the YouTube channel. Your ads can appear before or during video content, and by carefully selecting your targets, they are a great way to present your video content bid to your audience.

Remarketing ads

It is an image ad that ‘follows’ the customer after he visits the website or its selected parts. They are used to remind you of the offer and to encourage the conversion of everyone who visited the website during the advertising period.

Google Search Engine

Google search engine on macbook pro

No one can guarantee that you will always appear at the top of the Google search engine. Even when you’re at the top, everything can change in an instant, with the emergence of new competition or a change in the way you search for your target audience. You must keep your website well optimized, and you additionally ensure your position in the advertising results that provide you with the best advertising returns with a quality Google Ads campaign.

How To Find a Target Audience?

Possible clients can be approached in several techniques. You can target them by their location, language, age, gender, the websites they are currently browsing, and their interests. Once the features of the target group are established, Google is a dominant alternative to display your offer to them.

Campaigns are made in cooperation with the client, and with expert guidance, carefully, with analysis, targeting methods are selected. The client partakes in the process of designing ads with their ideas and based on examination and knowledge; a campaign is designed. A campaign that will get the best outcomes for the selected budget and the advertised proposal. In all advertising models, the ad should be charged only when it expresses the interests of people who may one day become a customer and thus ensure that the budget is spent in the right direction.

The minimum set for ads

The minimum ad budget depends on the products and services you select, the location of your ad, and, most importantly, your campaign goals. It is always best to use an expert to first analyze and go through the essential items of the campaign, and only then determine the optimal level of budget that will ensure the best results for the invested funds.

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

How successful is a particular Facebook campaign is easiest to find out using specific metrics found in Facebook Ads Manager? There you can filter campaigns by specific period and define goals, and analyze each campaign, each Ad Set, and ad separately in more detail. For the success of Facebook campaigns, CTR, several clicks, CPM, CPC, reach, and impressions.

In one year, Google earned as much as $134 billion from advertising, which makes up as much as 70.9% of its complete income; it becomes apparent that this is the perfect place for your digital marketing because advertisers would certainly not invest here an average of $5,000-10,000 a year as to them it doesn’t pay off.

The average return on investment of 3.14% for businesses around the globe verifies that Google advertising is a requirement today, and with experienced marketing campaigns, these figures can be much better.

You should choose to advertise with the platform depending on what kind of business you have and where your target audience is. Both Facebook and Google ads can help you grow your online business efficiently.