Instantly Fix 2 Most Overlooked SEO Issues: Redirections & 404 Errors

Old content, old links, bad links & typos in URLs lead to huge loss of traffic, users & conversions. WP 301 Redirects will solve all those problems for you.

Fix redirections & 404 errors
Instantly Fix 2 Most Overlooked SEO Issues: Redirections & 404 Errors

No bloat! Just the tools you need to instantly take control over redirects & regain traffic

We build 301 Redirects plugin out of necessity to fix issues that every site has. Other sites linking to its pages that don’t exist! Instead of frustrating users with “clever” 404 pages, redirect them to the page they really wanted to see.

Instantly Boost Meaningful Traffic

Instead of users hitting the dreadful 404 page they’ll get redirected to the page they wanted to see while bad bots get ignored.

Take Control Over Redirects

It doesn’t matter if you changed your URL structure or you need nice outgoing affiliate links. Easily handle any redirection.

Safely Change Post URLs

We’ll monitor every post/page URL and automatically create a redirect rule the moment URL changes. You don’t have to do anything.

Ignore Bad Traffic

Automatic redirects don’t work on bad bots – they are simply ignored and get the standard 404 page. Don’t worry, Google is whitelisted.

Know Exactly What’s Going On

Built-in charts give you the information you need to know what’s going on without the bloat of tools like Google Analytics.

Fast & Friendly Support

We never outsorce support! Thank means you’ll get fast answers directly from the people who built and use the plugin every day.

Happy Customers

Join over a 100,000 satisfied customers who improved their sites with 301 Redirects.

Easy to use redirection plugin
Set it up in less than 30 seconds. Enter the old page, add the new custom link or if the new page is on the site, really easy, just select page/post from drop-down. Click done. So simple and easy to use, plus really effective. I think this is my new go-to redirection plugin. Does not have 404 error logging yet – but there is a tab that says coming soon. That would make it 6 stars. Read more


Easy, reliable and BEST
One of the best WordPress plugin. Very easy to use. Simple interface, Errorless performance. Read more


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questionw, we have answers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

What is WP 301 Redirects?
WP 301 Redirects is a premium WordPress plugin that works with all themes and plugins. It helps create and manage URL redirects. It also actively monitors all traffic coming to 404 pages and, when possible, redirects users to pages they were ment to see.
Will it slow down my site?
Absolutely not! Plugin’s overhead is minimal and on 90% of page requests it doesn’t do anything. It also does not load any extra CSS or JS files in the frontend, ever.
Is this plugin dangerous?
No, it’s not dangerous. It’s created to help you regain traffic and to tell Google if you edit any of your post/page URLs so it knows where to find them. If needed you can always deactivate the plugin and it’ll be completely removed from your site.
I don’t understand the point of this plugin
Sometimes you want to change a URL of an already published page or post. People will continue to visit the old URL too so it’s important to properly redirect them to the new URL, and Google too. That’s what redirects are mostly used – so you don’t lose visitors. WP 301 Redirects will handle those redirects for you.

Join over 100,000 users that benefited from using 301 Redirects!

With our no questions asked refund policy you have nothing to lose. Get WP 301 Redirects & take control over your redirects & 404 errors.

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Take control over your redirects & 404 errors – instantly!