WP 301 Redirects

Terms of Service

A lawyer did not write this page. Maybe that’s a mistake, but we know that nobody is willing to read a 50-page document, so we hope this short, more humane version will do a better job.


  • We take support seriously! That’s why we never outsource it, and 9 out of 10 tickets are answered by WP 301 Redirects developers.
  • There are times when you’ll urgently need assistance. Sending multiple tickets or posting to Facebook, Twitter, and email will not get you a faster response. It’ll only delay it as our agents have to do more work. Open a new ticket and try to give us as much info as possible. That’s the fastest way to get a reply.
  • Mental health of our employees is crucial. That’s why we have an absolute zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of threats, swearing, aggression, or similar hostile actions towards our support agents. Any such actions will result in all communication being blocked. No exceptions.


PRO version

  • We are not responsible for any loss of data, traffic or any other damages, and especially for your projects being late
  • WP 301 Redirects PRO is not licensed under the GPL or any kind of “free” license. You are not allowed to rebrand (beyond what’s possible in the Dashboard) or resell it without our explicit permission.
  • You are allowed to install it on as many sites as your license permits, including on your clients’ sites and charge them for the installation and usage of the plugin if it’s a part of a larger service you’re offering, like creating a new site or maintaining one.
  • You are not allowed to resell the plugin as a standalone product. For example, put it on your site as “Buy a WP 301 Redirects license for $10“.
  • Due to the technical nature of how the WP 301 Redirects Dashboard works, we inevitably have access to information such as your site URL, version of the plugins and WP used, or the last time the site connected to our servers. We keep only the minimum of data we need. We do not hoard data nor save anything just for the sake of saving. If you don’t want us to know that you’re using WP 301 Redirects, please stick with the free version.
  • The freebie tier distributed by AppSumo is a lifetime license valid for 10 sites. No strings attached. If you need more licenses you can pay for them if not we’ll be happy that you’re using the plugin and will provide support when needed.
  • We do not allow selling or reselling the freebie and will disable all accounts that are being sold.
  • The freebie can be redeemed on a “one freebie per AppSumo user” basis. If you’re caught abusing that either by creating multiple accounts, or by activating multiple freebies per account all your accounts will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to create new ones.
  • All freebie accounts must be redeemed and fully activated by March 15th 2021, those that are not activated by that date will be permanently deleted
  • If you do not login to your free account for more than a year, and don’t have any active sites connected, we’ll consider it to be inactive and reserve the right to remove the account


Link Scanner

  • Links Scanner (LS) as a SaaS does not have any priviledged access to your site; it sees your site exactly as visitors do and can only access information that’s publically available
  • That information consists of a list of your pages and posts (usually grabbed from sitemap.xml) and the content it finds on those pages
  • LS uses 3rd party services such as Google Safe Browsing API to to enhance data and provide more info about the sites/pages you link to
  • Scan results are available only to you, or to be more precise to the site that requested the scan
  • Each site scan credit is valid for one successful site scan; if we can’t access the site or perform the scan for any reason no credits will be deducted from your account
  • There is no limit on the number of pages or links on a site, but we do have a monthly limit of 50,000 link scans; if you cross that limit contact support so we can increase it
  • One-off scan credits are, like the name suggests, used only once, while recurring ones reset every month on the 1st day


Free version

  • It’s licensed under GPLv2 and comes “as is” without any warranties.
  • We are not responsible for any loss of data or any other damages.
  • Despite that being said, we take great pride in the free version, have invested a lot of time into it, and will continue to do so.
  • You can rest assured the free version is not going anywhere, and we’ll continue to support and enhance it.
  • Support for the free version is available only on the wp.org forums. It is not available via email.



  • We’re not in the business of gathering, processing, or selling user data. We’re in the business of selling WP plugins.
  • This site uses tools such as Google Analytics and FB Analytics to help us increase sales. We believe that the anonymous data we have access to does not infringe on your privacy. If you feel it does, please use an ad blocker to block those services.
  • We do not have any price-lock-in guarantees. If you buy for $10 today and see a deal for $5 tomorrow we won’t refund you $5 nor upgrade your account to match the new limits. The same as we don’t ask you to pay us more if we decide to raise the price.

To end on a much lighter note – we have been in the WordPress plugins business for over ten years. And so far, we managed to work out all problems and differences with our clients and partners in a peaceful, civilized manner. So, if you feel we wronged you in any way, send an email to wp301redirects@webfactoryltd.com, and we’ll work something out.