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Although they result from a lot of thinking, buying decisions don’t always depend on logic alone. Like any other area in which personal interactions and communication are essential and influence, sales (B2B sales, specifically) are about your ability to convince others. In the end, it’s all about your psychological techniques to make your prospects realize they need your product.

Without a doubt, psychology is the foundation of sales success. I would like to see businesses give this more attention. The process of digging deeper into a client’s mind and finding the keys that can help you open the doors of their hearts sounds like an amazing adventure and is definitely worth the effort. Let’s embark on this journey together. I’m sure you’ll find answers to many questions.

There is no way to ensure that a sales process succeeds unless you begin by determining the perfect customer’s profile. But there’s a step before the first step: you must know how the people you’re going to focus on perform from a psychological point of view when translating this into sales terminology and understanding how your sales leads make a purchasing decision.

There are many aspects to consider here.

1. Sales leads from B2B make emotional purchases that affect the final purchase


We are all a product of emotions and logic; however, the science is unchanging when it comes to sales: 95%of of purchases are based on subconscious thinking and emotion. In reality, according to much research conducted by neuroscientists, those with brains that are damaged in the part that produces emotions cannot make decisions. However, this doesn’t mean that logic does not play a role in taking decisions.

B2B deals do start with reasoning. Those who lead with certain expectations of what they are getting or the service they purchase will evaluate your offer in terms of how it meets their requirements and addresses their issues. It is, however, the emotions that influence buyers towards making their final purchase.

2. Leads from B2B sales require emotional confirmation

Not only do consumers make purchasing decisions in response to their emotions and feelings, but they also expect sales representatives to confirm their decisions right from the beginning.
The act of showing emotion is to show someone that you can accept someone else’s feelings. If a child is crying about a broken toy or something they did not complete, the last thing a parent should do is tell them that the issue isn’t enough to cause them any stress.

Adults require their feelings to be acknowledged, and that’s the same for those who are B2B sales prospects. Around 68 percent of consumers expect brands to show compassion. In validating your customer’s opinions, you show that you are concerned about how they think, which can help you establish stronger connections with them.

What can you do to demonstrate the practice?

Listen well. Pay attention to the emotions of your leader and inform them that it’s perfectly normal to experience these feelings. For example, if your potential customer tells you that the issue they’re experiencing is causing them to be frustrated, assure them that you’re aware of how they’re feeling and remind them that it’s normal for people to experience these emotions and feelings. Inform them that you’re there to assist them.

3. B2B sales leads require individualization

Brain puzzle

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. If you think this aspect of our psychology is related to B2C relationships instead of B2B, I’m sorry to disappoint you. In B2B, it is important to strive to be more thorough: 84% of those who make the decisions reported that being treated as an individual was the most important aspect of winning their business. In addition, 72 percent of B2B customers demand a complete understanding of their needs which is reflected in a personalized experience.

How can you convince your customers that they are unique?

The first step is to ensure that you are taking first, ensure you have a personalized approach to each lead. Make sure you tailor each email and every piece of data you provide to meet the particular client’s requirements.

Second, provide top customer service. Make use of as many channels for communicating with your customers. You can respond immediately to any inquiries your lead has, all with one goal – to let them know that you’re a company that values their business and is the one they can count on.

4. B2B sales leads search for the right expertise


Imagine learning to dance or taking another course. What do you spend your money on if you pay for these lessons? You don’t pay an individual who appears to be an instructor, is it? You spend money on a tutor who can help you transform from a simple butterfingers to a graceful dancer, i.e. assists you in resolving your issues.

The same applies to B2B leads. They seek assistance with a problem that they cannot resolve by themselves. They want to view you as someone who understands precisely what needs to be done regarding the issue and is an expert.

What do you need to do to be considered an expert by the sales leads you have?

Make yourself known. Don’t be afraid to tell your prospects what they require to resolve their issue. Inform them of everything they need to know clearly and concisely. Be at peace. You may face several sales obstacles when winning over the customer’s heart. Be calm and quiet enough to let them know that you’re confident about every word you say.

Pay attention. Openness to your partner’s opinions is another indication of your expertise in that you prove you’re not afraid to face challenges and arguments.
Pay attention to your speech. Avoid speech patterns that could create a lack of confidence, such as “I’m not sure,” “Probably,” or similar.

Wrapping up

Selling is more about forming relationships, not selling itself. Building real relationships with your prospective customers isn’t an easy task. Suppose you are aware of the psychological components of your B2B sales, can differentiate leads, and understand what motivates them to purchase. In that case, you can create an amazing amount of sales opportunities and become a sales professional aware of what string to tug.

You’re blessed with innate soft skills that will aid you in understanding your clients, so make use of these skills! Don’t fret about the technical aspects of tools for sales automation, and CRMs such as Snov.io will handle it easily.