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Many site owners and entrepreneurs do not realize that it is vital to utilize Search Engine Marketing or SEM for short, and instead, just focus on SEO. This is because SEM is much more than SEO. It is an online marketing technique that is utilized to enhance a site’s exposure by promoting it in Google’s search results. You have surely noticed that the first few websites of any search are there because they are sponsored and not because they match your search the best.

No matter how good your SEO strategy is, you will never reach the top spot unless you utilize SEM. With a large number of people discovering and purchasing goods online, search engine marketing has become an important digital marketing approach for expanding a corporation’s exposure. Because of that, we would like to recommend you the top 7 SEM agencies that can help your business grow.

1. WebFX

WebFX homepage

The first one on our list of recommendations is WebFX. Their professional attitude to business and commitment to customer requests will encourage you to hire them. This agency works hard to deliver high-quality marketing strategy plans for your business. They offer personalized plans for customers depending on their needs and priorities. Also, they will provide you with a free dashboard, allowing you to track their work and review it while in progress.

2. KlientBoost

KlientBoost homepage

The next SEM agency that we are going to recommend is KlientBoost. The service they provide will surely sit great with you if you don’t want to worry about optimization because they will handle everything for you, and all you need to do is rely on them. Also, they effectively utilize management programs that include tracking tasks they are focusing their efforts on.

By opting for their services, you’ll always be able to maintain professional communication and maintenance on a regular basis. They will lay a solid foundation for your business and accelerate the growth of your website, all achieved by focusing on SEM.

3. Open Moves

OpenMoves homepage

OpenMoves will listen to you and your wishes. If you want them to assist you in improving or creating your social advertising to attract a new audience, they will do that without a second thought. If you want to provide a more personalized and memorable experience for individuals seeking out your business, product, or service, they will allow those individuals to find you by optimizing your advertisements. OpenMoves can assist you in reorganizing your initiatives to better fit with our organizational goals. They will take the time to understand your company and its requirements.

4. SmartSites

SmartSites homepage

Your business won’t be disappointed with SmartSites. They will track trends and statistics for you and assist you in improving and revamping your business. By using SmartSites, you will surely improve traffic by using content marketing. They have a great grasp of isolating a target audience which will increase the number of interested audiences that come to your website.

Their employees are patient, knowledgeable, and communicative and are well prepared for just about any problem. Furthermore, they stick to whatever deadlines you establish for them to accomplish assignments.

5. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility homepage

Their intention is to provide customers with the most efficient approaches for any online marketing endeavor, as well as to assist them in providing a great customer experience on their website to maximize outcomes. So, in a nutshell, Ignite Visibility will considerably improve their customer’s online visibility and their customers’ knowledge in the field of online marketing. They are one of the best in their business and have a lot of satisfied customers behind them whose businesses have increased the number of visitors.

6. Direct Online Marketing

Direct Online Marketing homepage

They respond quickly to any queries and issues as well as trends that are available in any developing industry. So, if you are seeking an agency that is interested in collaborating among all participants, regardless of skill set, then Direct Online Marketing is for you. Also, this option is for you if you are comfortable and happy with professionals executing their suggestions instantly while keeping everyone updated on their progress.

7. SocialSEO

SocialSEO homepage

The last agency we’d like to recommend is SocialSEO. SocialSEO is an awesome agency to hire if you are a startup business and you are lost. They are also great if you want to learn new things about online marketing. Their SEM team stands out with their professional training programs for beginners.

They will increase your visibility and get you the right exposure with custom strategies for your business, audience, and goals. This agency will rock your SEM by offering remarketing, lead generation, brand awareness, advanced audience targeting, and optimization.


Now that you know what search engine marketing is as well as the best agencies in the business, why not try one of them out? With SEM, you can increase the visibility of your advertising efforts in search engine results. But, keep in mind that if you are using both SEO and SEM in tandem, you will gain the best possible results for your marketing campaigns.