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Every brand should constantly check on its targeted audience. As a business owner, you must be aware of what your audience is saying about your brand, as well as address and manage it. “Brand mentions” are vital to this, and they need to be recognized using brand monitoring tools. Brand monitoring tools allow you to keep track of when someone mentions your brand online. They’ll tell you more about your target market and competition.

Top 6 Brand Monitoring


ReviewBot homepage

ReviewBot is a brand monitoring tool that assists you with monitoring what your clients are talking about. Notable brands like Microsoft, Sony, and other big names are just some of its famous users. ReviewBot checks reviews you get from your customers. Everything your main interest group and clients say about you will be shipped off to you in a report. A great feature of this tool is that you can translate the review to your specified language.

Another great feature is that you are also allowed to track your competition and check for mentions of your brand. The tool is not free for use, but in comparison to some other brand monitoring tools, it is very cheap.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts website

Google Alerts is a free brand monitoring tool that assists you with keeping track of your brand mentions on the web. To monitor the activity of your brand on the web, you simply need to enter the brand as a keyword. When someone uses your brand or any other keyword you inputted, Google alerts will automatically send you an email about the mention.

The disadvantage of this brand monitoring tool is that it is not especially exceptional or advanced. You are not getting any advanced reports of the mentions; it also does not track the activity on social media, which is a big downside.


Brandtwnentyfour homepage

Brand24 is a brand monitoring tool that will look through all around the web, including social media, to find mentions of your brand. With this brand, some activities like online reputation management will become very easy. The device works by examining different sources, for example, online media, gatherings, websites, news destinations.

Brand mentions and other significant things are recognized and followed. Plus, you’ll get a point-by-point report. This brand monitoring tool also is not free to use. The least expensive paid plan is 49$ per month.


Mentionlytics homepage

Mentionlytics is a brand monitoring tool that will keep track of social media and all over the web; it allows you to follow your brand from everywhere on the web. Mentionlytics will help you find the best influencers in your industry, moving subjects in your specialty market, and continuous client input.


Falcon homepage

Falcon is actually a social media marketing platform, but it can also be used as a brand monitoring tool. The social tuning in, client commitment, and crowd viewers management permit you to do this. This brand monitoring tool will check significant social media platforms, looking at and recognizing all notices of your brand. Due to it not being just a brand monitoring tool it is, logically, more expensive than other brand monitoring tools.


Brandwatch homepage

Brandwatch is a brand monitoring tool with thousands of customers, including enormous names like NestlĂ©. The tool can assist you with discovering how your brand is doing. Brandwatch additionally has a powerful announcing stage that gives constant updates and reports. You don’t need to hold on to look and examine the information; you can do it whenever you need.

This tool permits you to screen movement via social media. The social listening highlights are powerful, recognizing and dissecting all possible notices of your image.


Brand monitoring tools assist you with following your organization’s social media mentions, watching out for your standing, spying on your rivals, etc. In this rundown, I accumulated plenty of options for any objectives and spending plan. I trust you’ll have found an option that fits.