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As the torrenting landscape continues to evolve, users seek reliable alternatives to platforms that have undergone changes or shutdowns. ExtraTorrent, once a prominent player in the torrenting scene, faced closure in 2017. Since then, users have been on the lookout for viable ExtraTorrent alternatives that offer a comparable experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best ExtraTorrent alternatives that continue to thrive in 2024, providing users with reliable and diverse options for torrenting.

The Pirate Bay

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay stands tall as one of the most resilient and enduring torrent platforms. Renowned for its vast library of torrents spanning various categories, The Pirate Bay has weathered legal challenges and shutdown attempts. Its user-friendly interface and extensive community make it a go-to choice for those seeking a reliable ExtraTorrent alternative.

Key Features

– Extensive collection of torrents across diverse categories.

– Robust and resilient, surviving legal challenges.

– Engaged community and user-friendly interface.

2. 1337x

1337x has gained prominence as a community-driven torrenting platform. Offering a sleek and intuitive interface, 1337x caters to users seeking a vibrant community of torrent enthusiasts. The platform provides verified torrents and features a top torrents section, helping users discover trending and high-quality content.

Key Features

– Community-driven with a focus on user engagement.

– Verified torrents for quality assurance.

– Top torrents section for trending content.


RARBG has carved a niche for itself by prioritizing quality over quantity. While offering a curated selection of torrents, RARBG ensures that the available content maintains high standards. The platform’s clean design and reputation for reliable torrents make it a preferred choice for users looking for a trustworthy ExtraTorrent alternative.

Key Features

– Curated selection of high-quality torrents.

– Clean and user-friendly interface.

– Reputation for reliable and verified content.

4. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents strikes a balance between simplicity and a diverse torrent library. With an uncomplicated interface, LimeTorrents allows users to easily navigate and find torrents across different categories. The platform’s commitment to providing a straightforward torrenting experience makes it an appealing choice for those transitioning from ExtraTorrent.

Key Features

– Straightforward and user-friendly interface.

– Diverse torrent library across various categories.

– Emphasis on simplicity in the torrenting experience.


5. YTS

YTS has gained recognition for specializing in high-quality movie torrents. Known for its focus on delivering compressed yet visually impressive movie files, YTS caters to users with limited bandwidth or storage capabilities. The platform’s dedication to movie enthusiasts and its user-friendly interface make it a standout ExtraTorrent alternative.

Key Features

– Specialization in high-quality movie torrents.

– Compressed files for efficient downloading.

– User-friendly interface with a focus on movie enthusiasts.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle sets itself apart with its extensive and well-organized torrent database. With a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of torrents, Zooqle offers a seamless browsing experience. The platform’s commitment to providing verified torrents and detailed information about each torrent enhances user confidence in their choices.

Key Features

– Extensive and well-organized torrent database.

– User-friendly interface for efficient browsing.

– Focus on verified torrents and detailed information.

7. TorLock

TorLock places a strong emphasis on the authenticity of its torrents. The platform offers a unique feature – a dollar reward for users who find and report fake torrents. This commitment to authenticity, along with a diverse library of torrents, positions TorLock as a reliable ExtraTorrent alternative for users seeking verified content.

Key Features

– Strong emphasis on the authenticity of torrents.

– Dollar reward for reporting fake torrents.

– Diverse library catering to various preferences.


EZTV caters specifically to TV show enthusiasts, providing a dedicated platform for accessing a wide range of television series. Known for its organized and user-friendly interface, EZTV simplifies the process of finding and downloading TV show torrents. The platform’s specialization makes it a top choice for those seeking a reliable ExtraTorrent alternative for TV content.

Key Features

– Specialization in TV show torrents.

– Organized and user-friendly interface.

– Dedicated platform for TV show enthusiasts.


As the torrenting landscape continues to evolve, users have a plethora of alternatives to explore in the wake of ExtraTorrent’s closure. The platforms mentioned above stand out for their resilience, commitment to quality, and user-friendly interfaces. Whether you prioritize a vast torrent library, verified content, or specialization in certain types of torrents, these alternatives offer diverse options for torrent enthusiasts in 2024. It’s essential for users to stay informed about the legal implications of torrenting and to prioritize safe and responsible usage when exploring these ExtraTorrent alternatives.