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Your small business will have so many working parts and face so many challenges that your SEO might fall fairly low down the priority list. That’s understandable – you’re juggling tasks and spinning plates, and setting aside a week to rethink your SEO could feel like time poorly spent.

Except that your SEO is one of the most important facets of your visibility online, which is directly associated with web traffic, sales, and profits. So if you’ve only touched upon SEO a handful of times as a small business, here’s what you can do to take your approach to the next level.

Keyword Competition

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One of the first things that businesses choose to do when they’re tailoring their SEO approach is to define their search terms and keywords. Even if they don’t do this consciously, their landing page and meta tags will likely contain key, relevant words that will help boost their SEO. So that part of your SEO approach might feel complete, except that there’s more you can do.

For instance, you can analyze the keywords that your competitors are using and begin to use them yourself. This competition could help you rise above them in Google’s search engine results pages, meaning that you’ll steal a chunk of their business. Being savvy with which keywords you choose to compete over – often with the help of an SEO consultant – can take your SEO to the next level.

Link Building

Next up is the inaccessible art of link-building, which is difficult to perform on your own and especially as a small business with few resources. So link building is often left to the larger firms, who are already fairly dominant in their SEO approach. Link building is one of the most important methods through which you’ll take your SEO to the next level – so it’s a crucial element of your overall SEO approach to adopt.

Why? Well, Google analyses the links to and from your website to decide how trustworthy you are, and that has a significant impact on where your website lands in its search results. Head over to www.clickintelligence.co.uk to learn more about this important pillar of SEO.

Website Optimization

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Finally, no SEO approach is complete without taking a long, hard look at your website. Now, as a small business, it’s likely that your website isn’t optimal at the moment. Indeed, whether you built it yourself with the help of templates or you paid a web developer to build it, there’s a high chance that there are tweaks that you could make that would get your site seen by more people.

Such tweaks include altering tags, meta tags, headings, page titles, and the overall site map. You might also optimize content so that it loads quickly and is of high quality. These all impact how Google’s algorithm inspects and rates your website. Make the above changes, and you’ll take your SEO to the next level within weeks.

Final Thoughts

These tips are all designed for small businesses which may have invested little into their SEO approach to date. It’s well worth using them to increase your traffic in 2022.