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Making a link-building program internally is a nightmare that takes time, money, and persistence to succeed. Continuously building links month-to-month for your SaaS is the key to achieving lasting and effective SEO results. Let me explain.

Link building is essential as it is one of Google’s ranking factors that rank #3. Link building can help boost all aspects of SEO, such as the authority of your domain to organic traffic and referral traffic. We have proved this with various experiments. Without links, it is impossible to rise to the top spots. While managing this in-house can be labor-intensive, there are pros and cons to outsourcing your link building to a specialized agency.

Transfer your SaaS Link Building

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The SaaS-based marketing industry is highly competitive. We knew that we needed to be aggressive in the area constantly. Each link-building project had its own set of difficulties. My SEO manager wasn’t keen to be at work every day to make links. It’s a tedious job that demands an enormous amount of time knowing which authority websites to approach (avoiding the use of spammy links is essential).

Contacting these sites and negotiating publication charges and the titles of guest posts, creating specific content, evaluating outcomes, and so on. Each link included in each blog post resulted from long hours of work that is often exhausting.

So what can to do?

Based on my experiences working within a hyper-growth SaaS, I highly suggest outsourcing link building for the SEO section to an expert SaaS firm. At the same time, a link-building company could do the job, but a SaaS agency will know how to get high-quality links from sites within your field.

To conclude, below are 5 important reasons for me to outsource the creation of links to an agency and the reason why you should.

1. Helps you obtain faster results

Charting Goals

The most successful companies have said numerous times that building links isn’t a simple job; it takes a lot of brainpower and dedication to construct an excellent link for your site. It could take a long to build links for your site, but even after, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to satisfy your requirements.

Outsourcing the work to an expert will benefit you in two aspects: ‘ Efficacy’ and.’ Building your links will be completed quicker and more effectively because you’re hiring professionals to take care of it for you. The professionals who specialize in this will certainly increase the results you get.

2. It’s Comparatively cheaper

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You can outsource not just for faster and better results. However, link building at home can be costly compared to outsourcing backlinks. It may not be practical; however, it’s a good idea once you thoroughly study the issue and analyze the situation.

To include links from top-quality websites or purchase backlinks from pages with high authority, You must show the site’s top-quality content to ensure they will agree to the insertion of links and will not reject you if your content doesn’t meet the standards. Engaging a content writer that excels in SEO is more expensive as the additional actions that follow will increase the price.

3. It requires multiple skills

Running a successful link-building program takes an array of skills that are hard to come by in one person. Furthermore, none of these abilities will likely be present in your company culture. Even if you hire an internal link builder, it could be difficult to determine if they are a good fit for your business.

Still not convinced that you should transfer link development to a seasoned link-building firm? Here are a few of the essential skills required to successfully run a linking campaign.

Intermediate SEO experience (understanding the authority of domains, the best way to utilize referral traffic, and more.)

⦁ Effective negotiation strategies
⦁ Content creation / writing
⦁ Prospecting for opportunities
⦁ Highly personalized communication
⦁ Management of projects
⦁ Effective follow-up techniques

If you work with a B2B Link Building company, They have a trained and skilled team of professionals who have these abilities already. At Scale, we recruited those with the necessary skills based on years of working in the sector.

4. You must scale up quickly

While the quality of links is the most important thing, they should be delivered at a regular speed and quantity (around 10 links per month) to produce results. It takes time, particularly when you have a lot of goals to achieve.

Link building experts outsourced to external sources (good ones) who have been in operation for some time typically have a variety of techniques and tricks to use to ensure that you can scale your operations in the shortest time possible. They ought to be quick to regroup when things don’t go according to plan and provide a customized method for each customer. Do not expect results in one day. But you can expect results to be faster than if you had an in-house team.

5. You have an objective to achieve

Would you like to be able to surpass your largest rival? Work with the most renowned names in the industry? Find links that are difficult to find? It’s great to set lofty objectives, but reaching those goals could be difficult.

Outsourcing a specialist to a specific task can ease the stress on your staff and produce outcomes much quicker. Furthermore, when you’ve got the task clearly in your mind, it is easier to monitor the success of your project and manage expectations.

6. You can easily access the top websites

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The process of running a linking program is about creating relationships. But it’s not easy. They require perseverance, time, and a good understanding of the most suitable people. This is among the primary reasons many SaaS experts prefer outsourcing the creation of links for an agency.


It is crucial to understand SEO when you want to compete against other leading companies in the marketplace. Everybody is transforming their business through optimized web content, search engine results, and developing methods for building links to help their websites rank highly and draw in essential organic traffic to their site. The article outlines the possible reasons for outsourcing link building. It can help your business to operate effectively.