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When working with WooCommerce plugins are something you can’t avoid in order to work more efficiently. Two of our top picks are WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO and WooCommerce Order Export PRO (but they both also come in the free version, as well). WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO is used for the calculation of shipping for clients based on their location, state, postal code, and other parameters that should be considered in order to create the best possible price both for the seller and the client.  On the other hand, WooCommerce Order Export PRO is used for the export of all data of your choice, with this plugin you can deliver all that exported data to FTP or your mailbox – and that makes it perfect for dropshipping.

To start this article, first, we are going to talk a bit about what variable products are and how they work. So, in WooCommerce stores, variable products are different versions of one product. For example, if you are selling dining room chairs, you can set different variations, such as different colors, designs, etc. Each variation can have its price, image, or stock, and you can have control over that information.

When you go to your account’s settings and add variations, you can do however many you want and adjust the attributes. You can create a new variation or edit an existing item. Whichever option you choose, you can then add the attributes. The attributes can be global or custom. Custom attributes are assigned to that particular product only and shouldn’t be used on other items. On the other hand, global attributes can be assigned to multiple objects and product types.

Now that you have your variations, you can control the inventory and all the lists related to it, backorders, prices, and more. Variable products allow you to expand your offer, thus catering to a larger number of people. Also, it’s a great way of having a seamless shopping experience since all of the variations are on the same product page. That makes it easier not only for your customers but for you as well.

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Having more variety is always a good thing, and having so in an online shop is no different. Adding variable products ensures boost sales, increases the conversion rate, and brings in more customers. The customers can view and select the products without having to exit the page and search for another product.

Once you set a different version of the products, you need to optimize them to get the most out of them. By doing so, you will ensure your customers actually engage with your website and purchase your products. That being said, in the next part of this article, we will introduce you to a few ways of optimizing your product variations.

1. Pay attention to your attributes

The first way to optimize your variations and make sure they generate more sales and attract customers is by making sure you apply the right attributes. They should be clear, specific, and simplified. It would be better to think of distinct and unique characteristics to each of the variations. For example, if you offer different colors as variations, think of other names for those colors.

So, if your pants are blue, green, and red, those attributes are royal blue, lime green, and ruby red. Minor changes like that can really make a lot of difference. It will sound more professional and not so common. Similarly, if it is important to state the dimensions of your products, be exact with them instead of saying just long or wide.

2. Add images and color swatches to your products

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By adding the option to view different images and color swatches of the product, customers can get a clearer view and a better idea of said product. When a customer is able to see what they want to buy exactly, it minimizes problems when they actually receive the product. If you fail to provide an accurate and high-quality image, you can risk bad reviews for your store and returns. Allow the customers to quickly preview all of the colors offered and see a detailed photo of the item.

The images should be of high resolution and pleasing to the eye; you don’t want to put up fuzzy or small images that make it hard for the customer to see what is on them. Also, add more pictures of the variants. If you offer different designs, don’t just write that, but rather show images of those designs.

3. Show all of your variations as individual products

What this means is displaying all of the variations and a single product on your webshop page. Having complete variations displayed in this way will make it easier for you to show the whole inventory and reduce the number of clicks and time wasted for the customer. Instead of having to click on a product, going to the product’s page, and then seeing if it comes in a different color or material, customers can easily see on the first page if you have what they are looking for.

Allow the customers to filter the products and browse the whole catalog. A visual display is another great way of making the shopping experience seamless and more user-friendly.

4. Add extra fields to your product variations

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Extra fields or custom fields are made to give your variations more information. It’s great if you want to provide more details about particular items to your customers. You can add information such as the material, how you can wash it, and similar specifications. More details about the items also give more things to search for when browsing the webshop. Again, this all ties in to boost your conversion rates and encourage customers to visit your shop regularly.

5. Link together your product variations

When you link multiple variations of your product, you can give an extra push to the customers to purchase the items. By linking them together, you will create an extensive product archive and reach on search engines. Each variant of a specific product will be attached for easier access and a higher chance of purchasing. Each variation will have its own URL, title, and description. Furthermore, you can then share them to platforms such as Facebook and Google Shopping, ensuring more visitors.

6. Explain any possible differences in your prices

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If your variations have different prices, we encourage you to explain why to your customers. It can be not very clear if two products are essentially the same but priced differently. Communicate that difference to your customers, maybe it’s because you used more expensive materials, or the production process is more complex. Whatever it is, the customers appreciate honesty and authenticity.

Final thoughts

All in all, having more variety on your webshop is always a good thing. By having product variations, you cater to a more extensive range of people and offer customers the option to choose between different colors, designs, materials, etc. However, it’s important to present those variations in the right way. In this article, we talked about the ways you can optimize product variations on your WooCommerce store.