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Everybody loves a well-organized email inbox that you can easily navigate and find whatever you may need. Seeing a large number of unread emails when you first open it up can really get the worst out of you. Email inboxes are sometimes super messy. There is nothing worse than getting a lot of spam from a site you visited only once or twice.

To be fair, you probably did register for some reason – maybe it was helpful at that time, but now they are just flooding your inbox. They are continuously filling it up with useless information, promotional emails, and annoying sales. Like, no, I wanted something from you, got it, now it’s enough, right?

It would be great to have an account only for registering on random sites you need just for the time being? Something like a burner? But not a phone, an email. An email where you can store all that useless information flooding your inbox. Let us help you take control of your email and internet presence with a simple yet highly effective tool.

Burner Mail Premium

Burner Mail landing page

Everybody gets sick of promo emails on their own account. It gets in the way of seeing the important ones.  But the time has come for those emails to go to another place. Burner Mail Premium will help you with that. More than 40,000 users trust it already. Now, it is time for you to become one of their members.

Burner Mail generates an anonymous and unique email for any service you sign up with. With that, companies and annoying advertisers will have a hard time tracking you down. You can use an already existing burner or simply create one on the spot with the Burner Mail extension.

Burner Mail features

Don’t feel like giving your private email? Create a burner in a matter of minutes. If there is a specific sender that is annoying you on the burner as well – you can just block that address, and the spam will go away.

Along with just blocking the undesirables, Burner Mail can forward your emails to a personal account if you want it to. That way, you are keeping your identity and inbox secure and private from those sneaky marketers.  Another great thing about this tool is that you don’t need to have unsubscribing wars anymore. You can easily shut down any email sender that is getting a little too engaged.

Of course, if you can block, you can also restrict. Take control into your own hands with the option of controlling who can send you emails. With that, you won’t be an easy target for scammers and hackers. When they have a tough time finding you, you won’t need to worry about your personal information getting leaked.

Burner mail block feature

By using this tool, you can also make fully-customized addresses in no time. Make the address whatever you want, be creative, be silly. It’s your game – you are the game master. Or you can make it seem trustworthy, whatever you choose. For that purpose, you can create up to 5 custom domains.

What is a domain? Well, that’s the thing behind your @. For example, john123@wfblog.com – where wfblog is your domain. It will give you more of a trustworthy look if you are going for that look. We would suggest picking these very carefully and not to spend all 5 at once. They can come in handy sometimes in the future.

But what about replying to an email that you got on your burner? Is this possible? Or do you need to answer from your personal one? Well, there would be no point in creating one if you are going to respond from your own account. They thought about that too, that’s why you can reply with your burner. Keep your privacy; you deserve it.

Burner Maill features part two

Did you know some companies sell your email address? No? Well, that is a thing. With Burner in your tool section, not only will you be able to give them a burner email, you can actually see who sold your email address. There is no hiding for them when it comes to this. You can do it, but not them.

Another good feature of this tool is; you don’t have a limit with creating burners. You can create an unlimited number of addresses, and you have unlimited mailboxes available as well. So, you don’t need to stress about hitting a limit in any way. You can sing up anywhere with them. There is no limit whatsoever.

We didn’t tell you this yet, but we’re nearing the end, so we might as well. Burner Mail can also come in handy with creating trial accounts.

Other features we didn’t have time to include:

  • 10+ premium domains
  • Multiple burner recipients
  • priority email delivery


Everybody has an email, and everyone gets annoyed at the sheer amount of spam they receive daily. Having one email account to cover all bases would be best, but alas, the spammer just won’t let you do that. Creating multiple emails for different purposes is what people usually opt-out for simply because it’s the easiest way of registering to a site without connecting it to social media.

Registering to a bunch of sites with the same address or multiple ones you can no longer recall the passwords to just gets messy sometimes. That’s why Burner Mail Premium is a fantastic tool to have. Create a burner mail in no time, and register wherever you want. It will keep your inbox clean and your nerves calm. You won’t have to deal with annoying emails, filled to the brin with useless information, being showed down your throat every step of the way.