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Email marketing, just like anything else relating to marketing for that matter, is quite hard to do the right way. We all get on someone’s list for email marketing, and only a handful of those are quality ones. But, it is a fact that email marketing is the most extended way of digital marketing and drives the most clicks and revenue.

That is why you need to put extra focus and detail into it. Whether you want to get cheap Yahoo accounts or other alternative email services you need to investigate every perspective of email marketing.

Email lists

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In the introduction part, we already hinted at email lists. Your marketing campaign will only work if you have a list because if you do not have one, who will you send the emails to? If you are a newbie and don’t have a list, don’t worry. There are ways you can get a decent amount in a couple of days. Let us show you how to achieve that.

1. Pop-ups

The first trick to get emails from your visitors is with pop-ups. This is probably one of the most common ways to do so. Some tools can help you build fantastic pop-ups that will grab attention instantly. But, the catch is that you need to offer something incredible before a customer gives you their email through your pop-up game. One example is that you can give them a significant discount if they give you their email address. For instance, “If you subscribe to our email newsletter, you get 20% off any of our items”.

This way, you give them something in return for their email adress. So think about what you can offer to your visitors that will be hard to reject.

It is also essential to know when is the right time for your pop-up to show up. Nobody likes when a site loads and instantly shows a pop-up – it is a turn-off for many customers. But waiting too long is also damaging because what if your visitors leave before you had a chance to give them the best offer for their email?

The perfect timing for many businesses is somewhere between 40-60 seconds.  Most plugins that will help you make great pop-ups also have the settings to choose where you want it to appear, when, and how big.

2. Collect emails through Ads

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Ads are a common thing in the digital world, and they are a way to promote your product and get more customers. But what if we told you that you could use them in a way that will grow your email list? Ads promoting your products are an effective way of generating sales and collecting emails along the way. But before a customer buys something, they are just checking out the product, and days can go by before buying it.

This approach, if profitable, is a good one, but as we said, it can be days before you get that email. So, it is advisable to implement ads that will get people to subscribe first before buying anything. That way, when they get on your list, and you send them quality emails, you will get more from them, not just a single purchase.

You can also use Facebook ads as a great way of getting to your target audience, but instead of offering a product on a sale, you will provide something more significant for them if they subscribe to your email list. Facebook is an excellent platform for enlarging your listing and getting directly to your target group.


In the end, we can say that email marketing is possibly one of the best ways to market to your target audience directly. On those email lists, you already have people familiar with your business,  that have shopped at your store before and are still interested. So the best way to keep them as customers is through emails that will introduce them to new and fresh products they might enjoy.