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If you’re here, you’re probably wondering, what exactly is sales prospecting? The method of identifying potential clients or customers from your leads to identify potential customers who can go through your sales funnel and become paying customers for your business.

This sounds pretty simple. Although the idea of sales prospecting seems reasonably straightforward, it’s more complex (and individualized) in actual practice.

Tips on How to Start Sales Prospecting

1. Learn to understand the person you want to meet


If you’re not sure about the person, you’re seeking, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect candidate anyplace. However, you’ll need to spend much of your time trying to reach those who don’t want the services and products you provide. It’s the reason it’s essential to establish your prospecting strategy. Know your ideal client’s demographics and specific features and determine their requirements.

As a first step, you could concentrate your efforts on making referrals and researching your current customers. You can then look for potential customers who have similar needs. Creating a perfect customer profile and addressing the issues they are trying to solve by approaching you shows respect and understanding, as opposed to trying to make a sale.

2. Make a perfect prospect profile

There are numerous types of people, industries, and sizes available. What do you know about where to begin? Find out what the ideal profile of your customer will look like, and look up your database. Which are your most important five clients? Which are your least five customers? Which are your most profitable customers? Which are the most successful? Make profiles of each group.

Do not assume that just the fact that a business is in your database, they are in line with your desired customer profiles. Recent studies reveal that most potential customers (50 percent) aren’t good prospects for what you are trying to market.

It’s essential to think in a “problem-solution way,” i.e., determine what issues your ideal clients might experience and what product you can use to resolve these problems?

After your study, you can use the profile list and your company lists to locate other companies that fit these criteria. This method, also known as account-based advertising, will assist you in focusing on the largest fish in the ocean.

3. Prioritize your potential customers by their likelihood of becoming a client

Planning ahead through a kanban roadmap. Roadmap prioritization and planning.

How we prioritize our prospects can help us save time and ensure that we’re giving our best efforts to opportunities that are most likely to turn into customers. The levels of prioritization can differ with each type of sales team and person selling; however, the basic concept is to make some buckets of prospects by their likelihood to purchase and then concentrate on one group at once.

Let’s dissect the qualifying dimensions that we have listed above (and any other relevant dimensions) into percentages of between 1 and 100 percent about how vital they are in the selling process.

4. Create and define your distinctive value proposition

The unique value-added proposition (UVP) will be a succinct description of the benefits the product offers to your ideal client. It includes a description of your product or service, the definition of the customer’s target market, and the worth your product or service can provide.

Also, with UVP, you describe what’s unique about your product that potential customers cannot do without. It could be like gaining more time, increasing the value of your product, or improving customer service. Your UVP must clearly state what the ideal customer should get and experience when purchasing from you.

5. Make use of sales prospecting tools and services that will give you an edge

If you don’t have the right equipment or system, it’s simple to become lost in the ocean of prospecting. What can you do to determine which leads are in the process of being active or ready to buy? Which leads do you pursue, and which ones should you put aside? Data service providers such as CIENCE provide the tools to help you prospect more easily.

Prospecting customers begins with an in-depth analysis of your ICP. Your data is added to the database and are then matched to contacts, and the records can be contacted and available to you throughout your membership.

Suppose you’d like to get deeper into the subject. In that case, you can hire a highly-skilled group of researchers to analyze data in-depth to categorize your customers into specific segments. Then, they can create customized outreach and advertising campaigns that provide distinctive customer experiences through multiple channels.

Sales Prospecting Tools

You can select the tools you prefer from this list to utilize on their own or in conjunction with one another. Consider the tools you currently employ to conduct prospecting to identify your needs and gaps. You can then play around with the tools below to determine which one is best suited to your company.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot homepage

How to use it: The CRM will help bring up potential customers who have visited your site. Keep track of contacts, and businesses keep track of deals and manage tasks like meetings and follow-ups. It is also possible to help in the process of interacting with your clients more efficient by sending them customized sequences of emails. Also, you can measure the performance with your emails right inside the CRM.

2. Clearout


How you can use it: You can use Clearout for highly intend-based prospecting and enrich your database with high-converting prospects. To build a prospect list from scratch, you can utilize Clearout’s LinkedIn email finder Chrome extension. Easily generate customized lead lists by applying filters on LinkedIn and swiftly gather contact details of individuals who perfectly match your ideal customer profile with just a few clicks and streamline your outreach efforts. If you’ve got a list of prospect names and their company/domain details, Clearout’s bulk email finder simplifies the process. Just input the information, and Clearout swiftly provides accurate email addresses, ensuring your outreach efforts are targeted and effective.

3. Hunter

Hunter homepage

How you can use it: You can utilize one of three options that allow you to search for emails based on your specific situation. Utilize Domain Search if you want to locate emails for everyone who works for a particular company. You can also divide contacts into departments. If you find an email address for a specific professional, you can enter the person’s name and email address into Email Finder and search. Author Finder lets you locate an email address for the article’s author simply by typing the URL of the article in your search bar.


Prospecting for customers isn’t easy; however, it can be more effortless and smooth with the proper plan, the right software, and committed amounts of time. You should be sure to track how much time your team devotes to prospecting every day. If it consumes much more than you’d prefer using an agency that can generate leads is well worth the money. It lets you and your team members concentrate on selling and increase the probability of closing more deals.