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Maybe you were not aware of what exactly mixed content is, but you definitely should learn a thing or two about it. Mixed content appears when images, videos, scripts, or similar are loaded both through the unsecured HTTP and the secure HTTPS connection. That’s why it’s called “mixed”. Because it mixes the safe and the potentially hazardous content on a website, this can be dangerous as it undermines the security of the page as a whole and makes it quite vulnerable to various cyber-attacks.

Using mixed content, attackers can take over entire pages instead of just the insecure image or video, for example. Mixed content usually appears on a page without you even knowing it. And when it does, it’s already exposed to many attacks.

Types of mixed content

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Two different types of mixed content can be recognized: active and passive. The passive one is characterized by the fact that the content is not linked to the rest of the page, meaning that attackers are quite restricted when it comes to their options. Active mixed content, on the other hand, is well-connected to the rest of the page. This leads to it being completely open for malicious activity.
That’s why you have to be careful when it comes to the security of your page and keep that mixed content under check to avoid any harmful activities from third parties.

How to fix mixed content warnings

What can help you with that problem is a proper content scanner. You can manually check every page of your site for mixed content, but it is nearly impossible. There is a solution, though. A plugin called WP Force SSL can provide you with a content scanner. This feature scans the entire site’s content in just a few minutes. This means that mixed content errors cush as your secure HTTPS part of your site and the insecure HTTP interlacing will be discovered so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

This is key to maintaining a safe environment on your site. If the site is secure, it has the HTTPS mark in the link. But, even if there is only a bit of content that runs through the HTTP protocol, the whole website is compromised and vulnerable to various attacks.

Data-extracting bots or humans can use this lapse in your site to potentially get to some quite sensitive information you definitely want to be kept safe. WP Force SSL not only surveys for any content errors but also gives you an option to automatically take care of these sorts of lapses. It can also highlight every weak link in your site’s security system and provide you with solutions for how exactly to fix them.

Every scan gives you an exhaustive report you can examine in detail so you can avoid the same kind of mixed content errors in the future. The reports also tell you when the last scan was carried out as well as how many of the pages it covered. Additionally, it gives you the location, description, and status of the page. The status should indicate whether the site is compromised in any way or if it’s safe enough for you to peruse through it without any worries.

Why choose WP Force SSL?

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The plugin is quite straightforward, so you will not have any problems using it. The user interface is elegant and practical at the same time. Even if you do encounter any problems or have a question about the tool and how to use it, the support team is at your disposal. They are ready to help you out in a jiffy. The team consists of various developers who actually collaborated on making the plugin, so they know exactly what they are doing. Your support ticket is sure to be received by an expert.

The answer is simple, to create a reliable environment that the website’s visitors can appreciate and feel safe in. Your potential customers may be scared off by the fact that your site does not have an SSL. WP Force takes care of this for you, so you get that seal of guarantee. The green padlock and branded URL bar can go a long way when it comes to your site’s and business’ credibility.

Simply put, WP Force SSL provides you with plenty of features that save you time, money, and customers that could have walked out on you if you had kept your site’s security iffy. Everything you need for managing your SSL and keeping that pesky mixed content under control is in one place. Best of all, it works like clockwork, whichever theme or other plugins you use.


Mixed content can be quite a liability regarding the safety and privacy of you and your visitors. Keeping this liability in check is no biggie with WP Force SSL, though. A classy dashboard, simplicity of use, and great results. What more could one ask for? It makes your site as safe as it gets, a match for one of the most secure sites on the web. A 7-day guarantee you get your money back can help ensure this is the right tool for you. So, there’s no harm in checking it out.