WP 301 Redirects

Building a website from scratch can be overwhelming for most business owners who believe that an attractive and functional website is a huge asset to enterprises worldwide. All the tasks that have to be done can be stressful to non-experienced users. Site management, taking care of security, and adjusting the SEO configurations often require slightly more
advanced skills and knowledge.

Now you wonder how most of them made it. The key is in the plugins; tools that allow non-skilled users to make all those pretty things you see on the web: from beautiful landing or a maintenance page to easily Setting SEO configuration as if you have some prior experience. Let’s see what the best offer is today.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode website

WordPress maintenance plugins exist to help you better results quicker. One that conquered the hearts of many is Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode. It offers over 2 million premium high-quality images and about 200 attractive themes to satisfy a wide range of visitor profiles. Whether you need it for short, hear shop, or an online consultancy Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode will give you a helping hand.


Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode features

More than 170 astonishing themes are available, and you will likely find one that suits your business perfectly. The themes are easily customizable, which means that you will be able to
build a page, and start branding in a matter of minutes.

Even if you’re inexperienced, the plugin’s features will allow you to design an impressive coming soon or maintenance page, configure SEO parameters, and much more. The plugin has
autoresponder support, which is a necessity for modern businesses. Additionally, it enables users to collect emails with no hassle. Not only that, it provides support for your
marketing software by the sort of pushing your followers into the content.

Once your SEO game is good and your web highly visible, you must ensure your content attracts visitors. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode has it covered. Is there a better way to lure
visitors in than an animation? Exactly, and 47 stunning content animations are available for you to catch the eye of the viewer. Don’t worry about overwhelming your users because the
animations run only once until the content is fully loaded.

They will guarantee you their second look or a longer stroll on the page. All you have to do is pick up the one that suits your needs from the drop-down menu. It’s the little details that build users’ satisfaction.

How to Make a Coming Soon Page Truly Shine?

You need to pay attention to details that your visitors prefer, so search for Simple Author Box. The responsive author box can now sit anywhere on your web, revealing your ID, avatar image, description, or similar. Join the club of over 80.000 happily active users.

Simple Author Box homepage

Sometimes you might get a little too playful and mess with your site and end up having broken or wrong links, URL typos, etc. That might cause you to lose some significant traffic and
conversions. Don’t worry; there is another easy-to-use WordPress plugin that will take care of all of that for you.

It’s called WP 301 Redirects, and not only will it scan and verify all links, but it will also┬áinstantly stimulate traffic and take full control of any redirection you might need.

WP Redirects homepage

Final Thoughts

Web development is neither a single nor unique task, requiring little more than surface work. Fortunately, various technologies and improvements help us achieve those goals
and fill in the gaps. Different tools are developed for small and big companies to suit the needs of the business better. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode will help you make beautiful pages for your site from day zero. It is used by more than 100.000 businesses globally.

Any theme you pick is easily customizable, saving you tons of time, and there are plenty. HD images are there to make your site look sharp and on-point. In the end, we just want to remind you of the rebranding feature, which allows you to edit the plugin in just a few clicks and use it as your own. PRO version of the plugin is available at www.comingsoongwp.com in just one
payment in your lifetime.