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Weather widget plugins allow your customers to plan the usage of your service and see what the weather is going to be when they are planning to use your services. To further explain, if you have a business and that business requires your customers to be outside (restaurants with a patio, wedding venues, outside sports activities, etc.), the same customers will appreciate the fact that your website is showing the forecast.

With the information displayed on your website, we are certain that it will attract more customers as well. If you are looking for widget plugins that will allow showing weather forecasts on your WordPress website, look no further. In this article, we will present some weather widget plugins that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

1. Always Sunny

Always Sunny preview

Always Sunny is fully responsive and provides a wide range of information, not to mention it can be implemented in many different ways. This plugin can be placed on your WordPress website as a weather widget sidebar or as an embeddable shortcode. The mix of the options allows you to show the important data in your sidebar as it is easy to put it within the page’s content.

The information this widget displays is the current temperature as well as the highest and the lowest temperature for the day, cloud patterns, wind, humidity, and a lot more. It can show the weather for the next three to four days as well, and the user-friendly interface mixed with the plugin’s modern design provides a pleasant view to the user.

The price for a regular license for this plugin is 13USD, and we definitely recommend it.

2. Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast demo

Weather Forecast is a plugin that will make sure your weather-related sales go up by providing the necessary information to the customer. The plugin has many premade designs and layouts that just need to be uploaded to be ready for use. The way the plugin works is that you need to put in some information, like the town name or the zip code, and the widget will do the rest.

It will automatically show the weather-related information. The language and the temperature unit can also be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The plugin also lets you choose between hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts that can be displayed on the widget. There is no coding required in order to make the plugin work, and the updates with additional features are automatically installed on the website, so you do not have to worry about updating the plugin.

The price for a regular license is 24USD.

3. aWeather Forecast

aWeather demo

aWeather Forecast is an elegant WordPress plugin that will display weather information all around the globe. It has four different animated headers, 18 animated icons, and it offers you the possibility to add your own video or images to the widget. The temperature can be displayed in three different measurement units: Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin, which allows the user to view the temperature in the measurement unit of their desire.

The plugin is also customizable, and the fonts it uses are Google Fonts, and there are over 700 different fonts you can use for the widget. It shows detailed information about the weather, such as the temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction, the minimal and the maximal daily temperature, and a lot more. The license for these plugins costs 14 USD.

4. Weather Atlas Widget

Weather Atlas Widget banner

Weather Atlas Widget is a very customizable plugin that will allow you to change everything on it, from all the design elements to the data being presented in many different forms. The user can select their preferred location as well to display the weather conditions. This allows the user the flexibility to choose the place where they need to check the weather conditions.

The plugin is also fully responsive, and it will adapt to a mobile or a tablet screen, so the data can be presented on all devices properly. It is important to emphasize that the plugin is very easy to use and customize. In spite of the fact that almost everything can be modified on the plugin, it can be done with such ease and no coding.

It is also important to let you know that the plugin is free to download for now.

5. Weather Underground

Weather Underground banner

Weather Underground is a weather widget plugin that was actually developed by one of the first companies to present weather information to users in this way. The people that worked on this plugin have been providing weather information since 1993, which is amazing.

Their team of meteorologists used their techniques to give people the right to access and view weather data from all over the world. The plugin is completely free for you to download, and all of the instructions on what codes to use and how to set up the plugin can be viewed on their website. A great solution if you are looking for a free weather widget plugin.

Final Thoughts

If you are running a business that requires the customer to know the weather beforehand, we would highly recommend putting a weather widget onto your website. It does not matter in which line of work you are; as long as the business is conditioned by the weather, customers would like to know the weather before they decide to pay.

In this article, we have presented various types of weather widget plugins, from the ones that you need to pay for to the free ones. Also, the ones that require coding and the ones that do not.

There is a little bit of something for everyone, and we would highly recommend each and every one of these plugins because they could be a simple solution for your business, attracting even more customers. They will feel reassured and safe once they know what the weather is going to be like, before paying for the service your business provides. Be sure to check the plugins out, and test out some of them as well.