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If you didn’t know, a newsletter is the best way to keep your visitors in the loop on your business. And you do not have to be a big company to start it. In fact, it is better to start as soon as possible to get the hang of it and see what works the best. That way, you can grow your email list side by side with your business.  Even though the name is a newsletter, you do not have to send regular news.

Most businesses use it in a way to help new subscribers get familiar with the brand. It is like introducing your brand to them and making them interested more than they already are.  You will use this newsletter to grow your email marketing list, which is a massive deal for marketing your products.

Implementing WordPress email marketing tools can significantly streamline this process, allowing you to easily manage and grow your subscriber list directly from your website.

Now, which tools are best for that? Let us show you.

1. Bloom

Bloom homepage

The first tool that we will introduce to you is Bloom. With this little helper, you will effortlessly transform your visitors into loyal followers of your brand.  They have over 100 unique templates that you can use right from the start, and yes, every single one of them is completely customizable. It also allows you to exclude specific pages or posts and show unique forms depending on your visitor interaction or location. It is an excellent tool for targeting specific groups.

Bloom offers six different types of popups on your website:

  • Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up
  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins
  • In-line Opt-In Forms
  • Below Content Opt-In Forms
  • Widget Area Opt-In Forms
  • Require Opt-In To Unlock Content


You can choose when they pop up on your site, like if your visitors have spent a certain amount of time on a page or the like. Plus, you can set it to appear when your visitors reach the bottom of the page. That way, it reminds them to opt-in.  In addition, you can also have the popup appear after scrolling, after commenting, purchasing, or inactivity. The possibilities are endless.

2. Mailpoet

Mailpoet homepage

Mailpoet is our second pick. This is a tool that will help you send unique emails to your visitors and turn them into loyal subscribers.  You can stand out in anyone’s inbox because Mailpoet gives you over 50 pre-built templates to choose from. You can customize them to your needs with a drag-and-drop editor as well as add your branding to fit your business.  One thing that can harm your sender score and stop your email from reaching the primary inbox is inactive subscribers.

Nobody wants their email to go to the spam folder, right? This tool will automatically stop sending them as soon as it recognizes inactivity from the user. As if that wasn’t enough, with Mailpoet, you can quickly create custom WP signup forms and use them in many different ways. They are your key to growing your email list and a crucial part of every email marketing plan.

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads homepage

The following tool on our list is Thrive Leads. This one offers ten different opt-in forms, which is simply amazing. Having a variety of options to choose from is always a big plus in the online world. It is good to switch it up from time to time, and you can do that with this one.  The sticky ribbon, content locker to scroll mat, and full-screen filler cover them all! Plus, Thrive Leads gives you the option to build your own opt-in forms with the drag and drop option you can use in the visual editor.

A great tool like this also provides some different trigger options that you can use, such as scroll depth, exit-intent, time, and click. So whatever floats your boat or whatever you think is the best option, you can use it.  And to top it all off, it also gives you the option to target specific visitors on your website based on pages, posts, categories, tags, or URLs.

4. Jackmail

Jackmail homepage

Jackmail is our fourth pick. One thing that stands out with this tool is that it posses a built-in SMTP server integration. When you are sending emails from your WordPress dashboard, your emails won’t end up in the spam folder. Meaning, all your emails will go directly to the primary inbox, where the subscribers will be able to see them as soon as they open their email.  Of course, it has excellent opt-in forms that you can use to grow your email list, but it also lets you connect it to other popular email opt-in tools.

Jackmail also gives you a drag-and-drop email builder that will help you to send some fantastic newsletters because it comes with 48 different templates.  Besides, one fantastic but straightforward thing is setting up automatic newsletters depending on what you put as a trigger. Let’s say you can put a trigger whenever you publish a new post that automatically sends a newsletter about it.

5. PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination homepage

The last tool on this list is PopUp Domination. We saved it for last because it has some fantastic features that will put the cherry on top of this article. One of the features is geo-targeting, which allows you to target people based on their location. This is an excellent feature for any business as it can serve as a huge SEO boost. It also has redirect themes, a popup that will redirect the customer to another website, etc.

You can also configure different popups that will show up for people from other websites like Facebook. In essence, PopUp Domination comes with all the necessary features that a tool for a newsletter should, such as responsive, customizable designs, split testing, specific popups, and similar things.


As we said initially, newsletters are the best way to keep your customers in the loop at all times. It is like a newspaper that comes directly to your inbox, and you have all the new information, new products right there without having to scroll through the website.  And when you have a tool that will allow you to grow the emailing list to send customizable emails, the business will blossom even more.