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Instagram is probably the most popular social network in the world at the moment, with almost a billion users. Many users who were active on other social networks like Facebook now only use Instagram for the purpose of promoting themselves, their services, and their business. There are a lot of similar Instagram profiles, so it is very difficult to break through, reach your target audience, and gather a larger number of Instagram followers. That is why among 1.2 billion users, a large number of users resort to services that promise a larger number of followers and thus greater popularity on this social network.

Is it legal to use Instagram growth service?

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Using a service to increase the number of followers is not illegal, but it violates Instagram’s Terms of Use. As it is known, violating these rules can lead to permanent deactivation and deletion of the profile, and thus your long-term effort and work will disappear in a second. Even if you decide to use these services, there is a good chance that you will come across a service that sells “fake followers” – followers that are temporarily displayed on your profile and then disappear after a certain period.

In the text below, we will list some of the currently most popular services for promoting profiles and increasing the number of followers.

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1. SocialMeep

SocialMeep homepage

SocialMeep is currently the most popular service intended to increase the number of followers on Instagram. It has a great user interface that allows you to track your profile’s growth and analytics with a few clicks. Their auto-targeting tool scans millions of accounts and interacts only with those that could be your new potential followers. They offer two kinds of business plans,  a Basic plan of $49/mo and a Pro plan that costs $99/mo.

2. Growthoid

Growthoid homepage

Growthoid is a popular and secure service that will bring you the right followers. It works on the principle that after registration, you must fill out a survey, and after that, you will be contacted by an agent who will help you fully adjust your profile and get to work. Unlike many services, Growthoid work is not based on bots. Everything is done manually by their agents, so you can be really sure that your profile will not be banned. The company points out that profile security is their top priority.

This service offers two different subscriptions. The Standard for $49/mo, and The Premium for $99/mo. The latter includes VIP email support, priority onboarding, and targeting, while the former doesn’t.

3. Ektora

Ektora homepage

Ektora is a service that was not launched long ago and is thereby the youngest of the listed, but it is definitely worth trying since creating a profile is completely free. The service works on the principle of interaction with thousands of real Instagram profiles, so you will get real followers in a relatively short time. On the official website, they state that there is no possibility for your profile to be banned because their service fully complies with Instagram’s Terms of Use. The prices of using the service are not fixed but scalable, so you will pay as much as you want.

4. Bigbangram

Bigbangram homepage

Bingbangram presents itself as a set of six services in one. This includes automatic likes, follows, comments, posts, messages, and unfollows. They have very good interaction with other Instagram profiles, and what is very important is that you can schedule the content and publish it when it suits you. As for prices, there are a lot of options on offer so you can choose which options you want and then just pay for them. There is no need to buy options and services that you will not use.

5. ViralRace

ViralRace homepage

ViralRace is a service that gives the most in the shortest time. Very fast work, so in the period of 1-2 hours after registration, you will already have more followers, likes, and views. You can make a plan whether you want to receive ASAP followers or schedule it over a longer period of time. ViralRace works on the principle of interaction with real Instagram users who will come to your post, which makes it a reliable, secure, and fast service.

6. Kicksta

Kicksta homepage

Out of all the listed services, Kicksta is the cheapest. All plans are very cheap compared to what they offer, and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Plus, they do not buy Instagram bots for you. Instead, this service helps you connect to profiles similar to yours, which in turn results in more engagements and followers. Their most popular membership package is Agency, and with it, you can manage 10 Instagram accounts at once, with the help of an assigned account manager to help you configure the service.

7. Combin

Combin homepage

Out of all of the services mentioned, Combin pays the most attention to the quality of service they provide. They are the only service with a free Starter plan to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting if you upgrade. You don’t even need a credit card to use the Starter Plan. You have a few details at your disposal to test everything this service has to offer. If you are satisfied with the service, you can always upgrade to one of the premium plans, depending on how many Instagram profiles you want to manage. Detailed statistics are one of the advantages of this service.

8. Krootez

Krootez homepage

Krootez is a service that has been present on the market for years and offers absolutely all the options to help you fill your profile with followers and likes. They have their own demanding algorithms that do most of the work for you, leaving you to deal with your content and fill out your Instagram profile. Before ordering a service, you can talk to their support and choose the services that interest you. They offer packages for influencers, businesses, and brands. The support of this service is excellent. Any inquiry will be resolved as soon as possible.

9. Upleap

Upleap homepage

If your number one priority is to be assigned a manager to help with profile configuration, then Upleap service is for you. Before purchasing a membership package, you will talk to the support, get all the answers, and the opportunity to use the service for free for a period of 3 days. So you can try absolutely all the options without having to buy the service later. They have three business plans for everyone, from ordinary users to influencers and large companies. Also, Upleap’s reviews are good, so you can choose their service.

10. Instazood

Instazood homepage

Instazood is a service that has a specific payment system. Pay as much as you use. This is a service used t to automate followers, likes, unfollows, and the like. Through this service, you can send mass messages to followers, welcome messages, and likes. Also, they have a tool to help you schedule your post and publish it whenever it suits you. You can also set this post to be deleted at some future time.

Before we leave you

We all want our Instagram profile to be popular. Some of us will reach for the listed services in order to realize our plan. However, you need to pay attention to some things:

  • You can be deceived. You will choose a service that will sell you followers, and they will disappear after a few days. You could have used your money better.
  • You can be banned/deleted – a lot of services violate Instagram’s Terms of Use, and because of that, you can lose your profile.

Our recommendation is to invest the money you planned to give for some of these services in marketing and create a legal marketing campaign. This way, you can reach your target audience and followers who suit you by all criteria, and you will certainly not be deceived or banned. If you decide to buy one of these services, be careful and be sure to start with smaller amounts of money to make sure you buy the right thing.